“Reminder: From June 1-September 1 we will be on our 4 day summer delivery schedule. This means we will be open M-T and T-F, and closed on Wednesdays. We will resume our 5 day delivery schedule in September. Thank you!”

A family-owned, Maine oil company

They call us The Slick Click because we offer an easy, tech-based way to make home heating easier. But did you know that Order Oil Online is a second-generation, Maine-owned and operated family business?

That’s right—no big corporate mucky-mucks around here. With Order Oil Online you get all of the convenience of shopping online, plus exceptional service from our local staff and delivery drivers.

We founded Order Oil Online one goal in mind: To fill your tank and save you bank. It’s why we created our simple and easy-to-manage customer portal. It’s also why we streamlined the oil buying process to make ordering easy, and delivery affordable. Our customers are our friends, family and neighbors, so we work tirelessly to get them the oil they need at the lowest price possible.

For control, comfort and convenience, our heat can’t be beat!